Buildable Land for Sale / Terrain à Vendre – Darmouth River, Gaspé, Québec, Canada


The white rectangle represents the property lines

This buildable property is along the Montée de Corté-Réal Road. This road (and the property) runs along the north side of the Darmouth River. The Darmouth is one of three salmon rivers entering the Gaspé Bay.

Cost (Prix): 33,000$

Municipality: Gaspé
Address (adresse): Montée de Cortéreal
Cadastral number (numéro de Cadastre): 3810985
Area (superficie): 33,436.900 MC (square meters) 3.8 hectares=approx.9 acres
Depth (profondeur): 445.49 M (meters)
Road frontage: 34.24 M (meters)
Frontage along Darmouth River: approximately 100 M (meters)
Minor Exemption: This property has been accorded a minor exemption (with respect to road frontage) by the town of Gaspé, allowing construction of a year round dwelling.

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This is a place where one can find real peace and quiet. Moose, deer, partridge, fox, even bald headed eagles inhabit the area. The Darmouth River is a renowned salmon river (amongst three rivers that enter the Gaspé Bay). There are numerous trails for snowmobiling and cross country skiing or snow shoeing throughout the valley and connecting to well maintained regional skidoo trails.

moose droppings - crotin d'orignal

moose droppings – crotin d’orignal

Voici un endroit ou on trouvera paix et quiétude. Orignal, chevreuil, renard, perdrix, aigles a tête blanche et tant d’autres espèces habitent l’endroit. La Rivière Darmouth est parmi les trois rivières a saumon qui versent dans la Baie de Gaspé. Des trails de skidoo ou VTT parcourent le pays.


DarmouthPropertyLe rectangle rouge (dans la photo ci-haut) représente les dimensions du terrain.
The red rectangle (on the above photo) shows the property lines.

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