About the Property

Darmouth Property:

This 3.8 hectare (approximately 9 acres) property was once field along the riverside. There is still field grass amongst the trees in places.



The land is both wooded and overgrown field, on the river plain. There is a year round stream running onto and across the property from a mountain spring on the other side of the road.

springfed stream

springfed stream

The length of the property from the road to the river is almost one half kilometre. The land borders on the river for almost 100 metres.

The embankment along the river’s edge leads down to it’s washed stone bed. The river is quite wide in this area and forks just a bit downstream from the property. An official salmon hole (pool) is located just upstream.

riverbank on the Darmouth River

riverbank on the Darmouth River

It is possible to build a year round home on the property.

There are fiddle-heads in early springtime and the woodland growth is lush.

We just took a walk this afternoon (March 17th 2013) as a light snow was just beginning and saw a female partridge perhaps 15 feet from us, walking on the firm crust of the deep snow. There is an accumulation of about 4 feet of snow at the moment. There were abundant hare (rabbit) tracks and droppings of other woodland creatures. This is an area with moose, deer and fox, as well as migratory ducks and geese. The neighbours are people who live with and appreciate nature.

The center of the village of Gaspé is about 15 kilometres from the property.


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